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Anti-Virus, Backup, Free Malware removal, 24x7 Monitoring, Remote Support

PC and Mac 

Maintenance and Repair

Laptops, Desktops, All-in-Ones
Non-Booting PC's
Laptop Screens, Keyboards, Hinges,
and Power Jacks Replaced
Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade
RAM (Memory) Replacement/Upgrade



Removal and Protection

One-Time Removal of Malware (includes system hardening and protection) $95

One-Year of complete protection (includes online backup) $149/yr*



Data Recovery 

and Restoration

Recover files from Non-functioning Computers, Failed External Hard Drives, CD's/DVD's and Flash Drives that have stopped reading.

Lab services available through our partners for advanced recovery.



Maintenance Contracts

Includes Malware Protection,

Online Backup , and Remote Support

from $199/yr per pc



Remote Support

Get Quick Support over the internet

a working High-Speed Connection  is required



Online Backup

Affordable, continuous backup. Effortless piece-of-mind.



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